Why did we go through a full rebrand?

  • 2023 was Sunshine Beverage's 10-year anniversary! We believed it was time to update our look as well as our formula to better align with our changing consumers and values. We had two ingredients, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, that are on several retailer’s list of ingredients they were not able to carry. It was time to clean up Sunshine Beverages to offer lower sugar and lower calorie drinks, with the same great tastes, to be more accessible to more customers. 


What changes did we make with the ingredients?

  • As well as getting rid of the two ingredients, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, we lowered the sugar, and amplified our vitamin and mineral blend to now provide 100% daily value for 8 essential vitamins per can.


Is it still made with organic green coffee beans?

  • No, we are not a certified organic beverage, so we moved to caffeine sourced from conventional green coffee beans.


Do they still taste the same?

  • Yes!  We kept our taste profiles nearly identical while improving the overall experience. 


Can we expect more flavors?

  • We just proudly launched our newest flavor, Black Cherry. We were so excited to offer this delicious new flavor to add to our Sunshine Energy line. We are always trying to think how we can improve and expand our product line to keep it exciting for you all. Expect some exciting announcements in 2024 regarding new flavors!


What happened to the Sparkling Waters?

  • We love our Sunshine Waters that offer zero sugar, zero calories with the same amount of minimal caffeine you love. Just like our Sunshine Energy drinks, they need a little bit of a revamp. We will be looking to rebrand our waters to be even better than before. Look out for this at the beginning of 2024!


Will you be discontinuing any certain flavors?

  • At this time, our Sunshine Energy flavors will stay the same and we do not plan on discontinuing them.


Do you plan to have an office?

  • Even though we loved having our old office in Winston-Salem and seeing our customers every day, our Sunshine employees now all work from their own homes. However, we still have our warehouse located in the heart of NC (Winston-Salem) where we will continue shipping all products from. If you ever find yourself walking around WS, stop in some local shops because they continue to sell Sunshine!


Where can I purchase products online?

  • You can purchase products from our online shop (drinkthesunshine.com), as well as Amazon! Go to our store locator on our website to see where you can buy Sunshine at stores near you.