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"It’s not enough to be natural/healthy; a natural energy drink brand needs a strong product differentiator… For example, Sunshine is a natural energy drink brand containing 70 mg of caffeine (in 12 oz) which appeals to consumers who want an energy boost but avoid the high caffeine of other energy drinks."

Market Insights - Mintel 2019

“I’ve never really been the type to drink energy drinks, but the first time I had a Sunshine I knew they were different. I get the pick me up that I need, without getting the jitters or a huge crash afterwards. Not to mention, they actually taste good so I look forward to drinking them.”

Brenden G

“I'm a police officer who doesn’t like coffee and Clementine Twist is my coffee replacement.   It helps me function better when on the job and I travel out of my way to ensure I have at least 2-3 cans per 14-hour shift.  I’ve exhausted most of the stores’ supplies in my area!  For the love of God, please don’t quit making Clementine Twist until I am no longer on this earth.  I’m proud to say I’m addicted!”

William W

“Sunshine literally is just that! A bright, sunny spot on a sometimes cloudy or bleh day. They’re delicious, packed with all of my daily vitamins and electrolytes, and aren’t loaded with WAY too much caffeine like the others out there. They’re doin it right!”

Lauren P

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