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Feel Good Energy

Sunshine’s feel good energy beverages are the perfect boost to brighten every day. Full of vitamins, electrolytes and just enough natural caffeine, Sunshine is a refreshing alternative to coffee that also hydrates and replenishes the body and mind.

One can of Sunshine has 70 mg of caffeine from organic green coffee beans, which is no more than your average cup of joe. We believe the body doesn’t need mysterious stimulants to feel its best – just the essentials.

And, most importantly, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice bold, craveable taste for good health and functionality. One sip of sparkling Sunshine, and you’ll see there’s only one way to describe it. Sunshine tastes like… Sunshine.

Sparkling Energy Waters

Crisp, classic seltzers packed with flavor and functionality
0 Calories per can

Citrus Lime

Citrus Lime tickles the tongue with the thirst-quenching taste of lemony lime and a gentle sparkle.

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Lotus Pear

Lotus Pear is our divine wild child. An unlikely harmony of sweet prickly pear and delightful floral effervescence.

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Pomegranate Acai

Pomegranate Acai is the perfect balance of sweet and tart – a full berry flavor and refreshing fizz good to the last drop.

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Good Energy Drinks

Lightly sweetened sparkling tonics brimming with feel-good benefits
60 Calories per can

Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade is a refreshingly satisfying taste of two parts blueberry and one part lemonade to get up an go.

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Clementine Twist

Clementine Twist is deliciously tangy – a citrusy nectar, sparkling with notes of clementine and grapefruit.

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Ginger Berry

Ginger Berry delivers a clean, crisp taste but not overbearing, striking the perfect balance of familiar and fantastic.

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Sunshine sparkling energy waters and good energy drinks are available in six glorious flavors. And every can of Sunshine is bubblin’ with a feel good energy blend of daily vitamins, essential electrolytes and just enough natural caffeine.